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Larry Lowe

I started taking guitar lessons at age eleven, however, I quit after about a year cause I just wasn't interested in what they were teaching, total crap. I practiced on and off for a decade, and getting nowhere, so I finnally started to collect "how to books" and eventually wrote my own book about Scales, Chords and Keys and how they all work together. Until the book was finished, I had no idea what I was doing or how to make music. This book answered all my unknowns and I began writing songs and putting together simple tunes. I got up at 2:00am every Sunday morning for over ten years and went down to my little studio to work on my CD cause it was the only time that it was quiet. People said I was crazy for doing that but with all of the rest of the week going to my day job, I knew it was the only way that I would be able to finish my music and I did not want to make a couple tunes and then let it go. Mostly I used the 12 bar blues with, 3-4 chords only, to keep it simple. After I completed a few tunes, that started to sound like real music, my style came automatically which on this first CD is strong Rockin' Blues and Jazzy Boogie's. I believe that after having got that out of my system, I will now be able to focus on a slower pace blues. I 'm sure that a lot of artist will say that their first CD could have been better, but, (Not Me).

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